Module 4 Leading change

Short description of module

Leading change – making sustainable changes in people’s behaviour, organisation culture and the impact on learning and community development is a crucial aspect of successful international work.

Leadership takes many forms, much has been written and many models and experts are available offering their advice, trying to make it simple. And yet sometimes these expert books and opinions are attempting to make leadership aloof, abstract and mechanistic. In this module, through story, analogy, concrete examples and imagery we offer insights into the leadership skills participants already have and how to apply what they already know about leadership to their roles as leaders of colleagues, projects and communities.
This module covers the psychological beliefs, assumptions and habits that support and enable leadership – and make it so hard to change ourselves and others. It is generic – in so far as it provides participants with a range of skills applicable to any aspect of their lives, and specific to the individual.  As such this module focuses on – ‘How I think and behave and how to change the ways others think and behave’.

There are a number of presentations and images to take participants on a journey covering some new concepts and much self discovery and realisation of the skills they all have to deploy in making transformational and sustainable change happen. By the end of the module participants will be aware of the talent within, the way human beings think and change their beliefs and how to use this self knowledge to enable, encourage and support others in changing.

Main learning outcomes

1.  International coordinator as a leader of change in school
At the end of the module participants
•    Understand the value of vivid vision in enabling others to move on from their past behaviours, procedures and beliefs.
•    Have skills and theoretical knowledge to underpin their motivation of and support to subordinates and line managers to change permanently.
•    Have skills in developing distributive – constructive leadership styles to embed and sustain change in others.

2. Intercultural leadership
At the end of the module participants
•    Have an enhanced knowledge of how beliefs and ways of thinking are created and how this ‘way of thinking’ develops personal and organisational culture.
•    Understand how to create constructive outcome based leadership styles to accommodate and benefit from differing cultures, perceptions and beliefs in pursuit of shared goals through different routes and pathways.
•    Understand the skills of leading through coaching, leading from behind, leading through influence – a portfolio of leadership skills to apply to a range of individuals often working remotely in different contexts.

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