Module 3: Strategic School Development

Short description of module

This module aims at raising the awareness of international school coordinators that a school partnership project needs to be part of an overall school strategy, embedded in the mainstream educational activities and in the broader school development strategy. Such an approach results in better quality of the immediate outcomes of the activities implemented in the framework of the partnership, as well as in higher potential for sustainability.

International coordinators are also encouraged through this module to work in a team with other colleagues and to involve other relevant stakeholders in the various stages of the strategic development process.

The module is providing a framework for international coordinators to move towards implementing the principles and methods related to intercultural learning (as described in Modules 1 and 2) into meaningful and effective school partnership activities (as developed in Module 5).

Topics and learning outcomes

1. International school partnerships as part of a strategic school development process:
At the end of the module participants
•    Understand the difference and connection between strategy, activity plan and project
•    Know the strategic development cycle and the way it can be applied to school development
•    Can identify the key issues related to a strategic approach to international school activities and develop a positive attitude towards it

2. Phases and challenges of a strategic planning process:
At the end of the module participants
•    Understand in more detail what each phase of an international  school development cycle implies and are able to act accordingly
•    Develop confidence that a participatory approach to the integration of school partnerships into their school development strategy can be effective and brings positive outcomes

3. Sustainability and strategic use of funding programmes:
At the end of the module participants
•    Know about various opportunities of support and funding for international school partnerships
•    Are able to integrate existing funding opportunities into their school development strategy
•    Understand the concept of sustainability, value its importance and commit to capitalize on projects to reach strategic school development goals

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