M6_3 eTwinning – a platform for European school partnerships

•    Functionalities of eTwinning platform
•    eTwinning user competence

Short description of activity

Pre-course activity
In the pre-course tasks on the online platform, participants are also requested to mention if they have used eTwinning for their international partnerships.

The session consists of three steps:

•    Presentation of eTwinning
•    Sharing of experiences with eTwinning by more experienced participants
•    Exploring the functionalities of eTwinning and analysing featured projects and resources

Main learning outcomes

•    Know about the main functionalities of eTwinning and about the resources it offers for international school partnerships and recognize their potential benefits for sustainable and meaningful school partnerships
•    Are able to use the main functionalities and are able to get additional information for using the platform


Presentation (ppt): M6_1_1_ICT (slides 21 – 22)


About 1 hour


This session assumes that there are enough computers available in the room. Either the session takes place in a computer lab or participants are requested to bring their own laptops and wireless internet is provided. For the second option, organisers need to check if the capacity of the internet connection allows for a larger number of computers to access internet simultaneously.

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