M6_2 Virtual communication in international school partnerships:

•    Communication tools
•    Critical factors of virtual meetings
•    Critical reflection on virtual communication
Short description of activity

Based on questions to participants about the tools they use for virtual meetings, an outline is provided of the types of tools available. Then, the guidelines for successful virtual meetings are introduced.

Demonstration of a the use of a tool
The use of a complex virtual meetings tool (e.g. Connect Pro, OnSync, etc) is demonstrated by the trainer with 1-2 colleagues who can be located anywhere. Participants can ask questions about the various functionalities of the tool and their use during a meeting.

Mini open space
In a flexible way, participants are asked to join by groups and share experiences regarding virtual meetings, ask each other questions about specific situations they encountered, or simply analyse together the guidelines for virtual meetings.

At the end, a few participants will share with the whole group some of the new things they learned during the process.

Main learning outcomes

•    know the main types of tools available for virtual communication
•    know the key points to consider for successful virtual communication and have improved skills for managing virtual meetings in a way which reflects the needs of the school project
•    understand the added value of ICT but are also aware of the limitations and potential pitfalls of some aspects of virtual communications


Presentation (ppt): M6_1_1_ICT (slides 16-20)


About 1 hour.

A list of tools available, specifying which ones are free, can be provided to participants, but due to frequent changes, this needs to be updated shortly before the training.

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