M5_2 Reporting and financial administration:

•    Evidencing and documentation
•    Report writing
•    Administrating project budgets

Short description of activity

This is the second section of the wider ‘Project Management’ module. Unlike the other sections it is not delivered as a discrete part of the project management presentation. This is because the collection of information and the subsequent report writing relies upon a range of project activities such as meetings, collecting evaluative material, dissemination and moves towards sustaining the project.

Main learning outcomes


•   Have knowledge of a range of evidence gathering techniques.
•   Understand how to assemble evidence into a report
•   Understand how financial accounts can help in project management and where they can find useful tools


Presentation (PPT): M5_1_1_Project Management (Financial management – slide 14 only)


Reporting and financial administration are recurring themes throughout the module.


This one slide frequently leads to a number of questions around eligible expenditure and financial reporting.

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