M3_3 Sustainability and strategic use of funding programmes

•    Funding programmes
•    Making use of funding schemes
•    Projects and sustainability

Short description of activity

One of the pre-course activities requires the participants to introduce themselves on the online platform and include information about their previous partnership projects.

The trainer recalls the example of the scenario introduced earlier to point out the idea of sustainability and the fact that a strategy enables a school to go beyond isolated initiatives and beyond the decision of an individual.

The two alternatives regarding funding for partnership projects are presented (slide 11) and the connection is made between the second option and the strategic approach introduced earlier in the module. Participants are requested to share:
–    Information about funding sources they have used or they know about
–    Examples of how they succeeded to find appropriate funding for their ideas, instead of looking for ideas to fit existing funding programmes.

The trainer should encourage participants to continue to exchange ideas on this topic.

Main learning outcomes

•    Know about various opportunities of support and funding for international school partnerships
•    Are able to integrate existing funding opportunities into their school development strategy
•    Understand the concept of  sustainability, value its importance and commit to capitalize on projects to reach strategic school development goals


Presentation (ppt): M3_1_Strategic School development (slide 11)


10-15 minutes


As time is very short, a part of this activity can be also transferred as a follow-up activity on the online platform. This way, participants will continue to exchange information and support each other after the course.

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