M3_2 Phases and challenges of a strategic planning process:

•    Phases of a strategic school development with international focus
•    Benefits and challenges of strategic international school development

Short description of activity

Introduction of the activity (5 min)
Once the value of a participatory strategic school development approach to international activities has been pointed out in the previous activity, together to the challenges that need to be considered for making this approach effective, the following activity focuses on how such a process can be planned and implemented at school level. (slide 5)

A school committed to take such an approach must make a series of decisions, then plan and implement the various stages described in the strategic development cycle. An example is given on slide 9.

Group work (15 min)
This activity requires participants to think about their specific work environment and get ready for the preparation of this process in their schools. Divided in groups of 4-5, participants choose the case of one school and assist the international coordinator to prepare the process by answering a series of questions (slide 10):

–    Who should be the participants in the process in that specific school?
–    What needs to be done to prepare the process?
–    How the process is expected to be implemented at school level?

Sharing results and conclusions (20 min)
Each group will then share the replies to these questions and a general discussion follows to point out similarities and differences and identify key issues to be considered for a successful strategic planning process.

Main learning outcomes

•    Understand in more detail what each phase of an international school development cycle implies and are able to act accordingly
•    Develop confidence that a participatory approach to the integration of school partnerships into their school development strategy can be effective and brings positive outcomes


Presentation (ppt): M3_1_Strategic School development (slides 5, 9 and 10)
Handout: M3_2_Questions for preparing the strategic planning process


40 minutes


If the group includes participants who can share real life experiences of implementation of such a process in their schools or other schools they know about, they should be encouraged to present them.

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