M1_3 Intercultural understanding

Short description of activity

Activity: “The three atoms”
This activity helps participants to develop a sense of belonging and a realisation that the same basic needs/hopes/wishes are shared.

Input on how cultural diversity can affect school partnerships

Simulation/ role play on school uniform
This activity considers the values of different groups within a community and whether these can all be respected. What happens when minority groups’ values are not the same as those of the majority?

Main learning outcomes

•    Have some knowledge of intercultural issues and therefore understand the nature of intercultural partnership issues if they emerge
•    Are able to compare, to interpret and to mediate in intercultural environments, particularly in relation to school partnerships


M_1_2_3_Intercultural activities document
M_1_3_1_Intercultural understanding and school partnerships


20 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes

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