M1_2 Cultural iceberg and Byram’s framework

Short description of activity

This section is a combination of game and reflection theory input and discussion.

Activity: Six-culture-game and reflection
This starter activity gives participants the opportunity to experience culture shock and to realise the importance of rules and patterns of behaviour.

Through this theory input participants become introduced to the iceberg of cultures and the function of prejudices. They get know Michael Byram’s framework.
The input is followed by a discussion on attitude/skills and knowledge

Best practice, example of a project based on the framework

Main learning outcomes

•    Have some knowledge of frameworks that analyse and explain difference between cultures and the cultural background for individual behaviour
•    Are aware of the function and effects of assumptions, prejudices and stereotypes
•    Are able to critically examine their own values and attitudes, thinking and feeling – to look below the surface


M1_2_1_Byrams model
M_1_2_3_Intercultural activities document


20-30 minutes for activity and discussion (depending on the size of the group)

40 minutes

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