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Survival Kit for Lifelong Learning Projects: Guidance and (separately downloadable) materials for project management of LLP Multilateral Projects.
Grundtvig Learning Partnerships Navigator: Simple guidance publication on how to plan, implement and evaluate Grundtvig Learning Partnerships
Transnational Partnership Guidance Note for Leonardo da Vinci Projects: Guidance publications on how to plan, implement and evaluate Leonardo projects and on the use of ICT in international teams
Resource Pack for Networkers Training and management materials for acting in professional networks and for network management at European level
Living and Working in the Centrope Region. Cross-border competence: Competence grid for international cooperation competence, developed by a large scale ETC project on the basis of a survey conducted among professional from different sectors who work internationally
Level5 Well-tested system to assess and validate informal learning
European Diploma on Intercultural Competence A higher education (post graduate) work-life focused curriculum developed by a consortium of universities and organisations working on this topic.
INTERTOOL A publication and a Grundtvig course on intercultural competence for coordinators and partners in European multilateral education projects The Virtual Intercultural Team Tool online tool to assist coordinators and partners in European multilateral education projects
SALTO A database of training resources for youth activities, including youth exchanges
Building successful school partnerships Oxfam 2007. Free download This publication helps schools to get the most out of a school partnership. It includes some useful advice on managing a partnership. (A4 soft back, 16 pages, free)
Thinking of Linking Cumbria Development Education Centre, Global Link (Lancaster), and Lancashire Global Education Centre This is a course workbook including activities for a course group. Some of these could also be undertaken in the staffroom as a staff training exercise. Activities are orientated to links with the less developed world but the methodologies are transferrable. Only issued as part of a training course but sections may be used with acknowledgements
Global Dimensions This website provides resources for teachers (by age group, curriculum subject etc) and plenty of suggestions for exploring the global dimension in the classroom.
Lehrer-online Provides a lot of ideas for sustainable learning and teaching  (in German)
Zukundo A German platform for sustainability in the classroom and beyond. Offers young people the opportunity to communicate via Facebook and Web 2.0 , refers to projects and competitions
Intergenerations Combines international youth work with integrative learning. Supported by the EU programme “Europe for citizens”
European Studies Project Has some overlapping aims with the ICTPIED project.
Schools Online Programme of the British Council: Online resources for international school partnerships
Connecting classrooms programme of the British Council: A global network of schools involved in international partnerships
eTwinning website: Platform that promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools.
Comenius School Partnerships: Bi- and multilateral cooperation between schools in different European countries, focusing on common interests of the participating schools and helping them to work on a common project.
European Commission This website is offered by the European commission and provides a lot of useful information about the European commission, life, work and travel in the EU as well as material suitable for project work within a European project. There are link lists for further resources and a teacher’s corner.

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