The materials presented here form the basis of a Comenius In-Service Training Course developed and tested by the ICTPIED project consortium. The main objectives of this training offer are:
–    To enable school international co-ordinators to gain intercultural competence
–    To provide teachers with a range of teaching techniques and best practice to develop intercultural competence with learners
–    To demonstrate how intercultural issues can affect school partnerships
–    To offer practical solutions to risk which may arise from these intercultural issues
–    To develop some of the skills a teacher needs to act as project manager in an intercultural context
–    To encourage participants to develop their leadership role in school and to become active disseminators for intercultural education for other staff and students

The training uses a range of methodologies including presentations, group work, role play and open
discussion. Inputs on intercultural education, leadership an strategic school development, project management, student voice and the creative use of school partnerships are made. One key feature is the inclusion of a number of intercultural scenarios which feature some of the key issues faced by those in school who manage international activities.


The ICTPIED training offer consists of six modules which are interlinked, but whose content can also be use independently:

Module 1: Intercultural communication and cooperation
M1_1 Cultural identity and values
M1_2 Cultural iceberg and Byram’s framework
M1_3 Intercultural understanding

Module 2: Designing and implementing learning experiences
M2_1 Intercultural teaching and learning
M2_2  Knowledge of global education

Module 3: Strategic School Development
M3_1 International school partnerships as part of a strategic school development process
M3_2 Phases and challenges of a strategic planning process
M3_3 Sustainability and strategic use of funding programmes

Module 4: Leading change
M4_1 International coordinator as a leader of change in school
M4_2 Intercultural leadership

Module 5: Project Management
M5_1 Principles of project management
M5_2 Reporting and financial administration
M5_3  Evaluation of international partnerships
M5_4  Involving local communities in a project

Module 6: ICT
M6_1 Strategic choice of ICT tools
M6_2 Virtual communication in international school partnerships
M6_3  eTwinning – a platform for European school partnerships

The materials are meant to be used in a training context and fall into three groups:

Powerpoint presentation and videos
Handouts to be distributed to the training participants
Other tools links to useful websites, materials

The materials may be downloaded and used for-non-commercial training purposes, given that due reference will be made to the individual authors (when indicated), the ICTPIED project and its funding through the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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